Un-Tuna Wraps


One of my favourite things about summer, is that you can meet some friends in a park, just take your food and hang out all evening. For this, I’m always on the look out for new picknick recipes. These wraps will surely become a basic. Although next time, I will use a little bit less mustard:

Un-Tuna Wraps

Un-Tuna Wraps from Vegan Everyday



Cuba Libre Cake


Okay, when you feel sad, you can try to feel better by making yourself one big of a cocktail,

or you bake a cake that taste a little bit like your having a drink:


Cuba libre cake


Name: Cuba Libre Cake

From: Mastering the art of vegan cooking

Yesterday I visited MoonFood in Brussel, it’s a vegan raw food restaurant/take away:

moon food

Very good!!!

Vegan Burger Day


Don’t forget tomorrow is #VeganBurgerDay.

Vegan Burger Day Contest Collage

BE Vegan held a competition on finding the tastiest and most creative vegan burger. By only reading the recipes and looking at the pictures we had to choose five possible winners. These recipes were then prepared by me and a friend so they could be tasted by the jury.

If you’re curious who won, you find the answer tomorrow on the BE Vegan fb-page.