Un-Tuna Wraps


One of my favourite things about summer, is that you can meet some friends in a park, just take your food and hang out all evening. For this, I’m always on the look out for new picknick recipes. These wraps will surely become a basic. Although next time, I will use a little bit less mustard:

Un-Tuna Wraps

Un-Tuna Wraps from Vegan Everyday



Cuba Libre Cake


Okay, when you feel sad, you can try to feel better by making yourself one big of a cocktail,

or you bake a cake that taste a little bit like your having a drink:


Cuba libre cake


Name: Cuba Libre Cake

From: Mastering the art of vegan cooking

Yesterday I visited MoonFood in Brussel, it’s a vegan raw food restaurant/take away:

moon food

Very good!!!

Here we go again, Pasta Salad for a Vegan Potluck


Yesterday, some members of the local couchsurf group, organised a vegan potluck. Of course I had to go, as I was very curious. As I expected most people weren’t vegan, so I decided to prepare a dish that wasn’t to extra-ordinary:

pasta salad 2


For the dressing I used the  Creamy Macaroni Salad dressing from Vegan al Fresco.

And topped the salad with some Spiced Chickpeas from Vegan Tapas.