Some changes

As you may know, I have a very big cookbook collection. And it keeps growing monthly, sometimes even weekly. Most of those books, are almost never opened anymore. And that’s a shame. So, I challenged myzelf. From now on, I use a number randomizer, and I start to count my books. The book with the winning number, is the next book I have to use.

With exception for special occasions, baking of when there is a new book in the hous.

Another thing, I’ll try to be more professional with the photo’s. Because I truly believe that good looking vegan food is an important part of vegan outreach.

spelt buns

And next, I changed the theme of this blog. You may have noticed already. Cooking from the books has become the most imported part of this blog. So, I made this page that will show all the cookbooks I use (this will keep on growing). For this I’ll have to make a post for every cookbook, as a kind of reference. I guess this blog is becoming more and more a kind of index of mostly vegan cookbooks.






One comment

  1. Goed idee! Net als jij heb ik een zeer snel groeiende collectie vegan kookboeken. De voorbije jaren kwamen er zoveel interessante uit dat ik met hetzelfde luxeprobleem kamp: een stapel amper doorbladerde boeken… Ik had me voorgenomen om in 2016 geen nieuwe boeken meer te kopen (zou dat lukken?) en om iedere week een random boek uit te kiezen om een paar recepten uit te maken.

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