It’s coming, and I’m in

What else could I be talking about then ‘VeganMoFo‘.

This year I’m a little bit more prepared. As the goal is at least 20 posts, I went through my cookbook library, collected 20 and decided that I had to prepare at least one thing from every book:


Did you know I’ll be celebrating my 6 anniversary of VeganMoFo?


  1. Leuk dat je ook meedoet! Ben benieuwd naar je berichten!
    (Was gisteren op de potluck graag nog even komen babbelen, maar moest vroeg vertrekken… Hopelijk een volgende keer!)

  2. I love what you are doing for Vegan MoFo 2014! I have a couple of the same cookbooks 🙂
    Isn’t the Vegan Stoner Cookbook super cute? I love the little drawings and the simplicity of the recipes. Have a great month and I’ll be back to visit 🙂 veggiebytes

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