Vegan in Paris

Although I only live 310 km away from Paris, it was only last week that I made my very first real visit to Paris. And of course I had to check out what Paris has to offer to Vegans.

On our first evening we had diner at Café Ginger. This place is a big recommend. Very nice people, cozy, not to expensive and good food:

P1080889 P1080890 P1080891 P1080893 P1080894

Cafe Ginger (neighbourhood La Bastille)

Of course we also had to try the local Loving Hut. The crêpe was the most expensive dish on the menu, but was definetely worth it. Although I was a little dissapointed with the side salad.

P1090049 P1090050 P1090051


Loving Hut (neighbourhood La République)

A big recommend goes to Hank burgers. It is a very tiny place but the offer is just great and cheap:


Hank (neighbourhood Marais)

We wanted to visit more restaurants and shops but as our visit was in the first week of august, most places were closed for the holidays.

Two more tips: for groceries you should surely go to Un Monde Vegan. And close by ‘Le Gare du Nord’ you can grab a vegan burger at VG for your trip home.

There can be only one big conclusion: Paris has a lot to offer for vegans.


  1. Wow, only 310 kilometers away from Paris, lucky you 🙂
    Since we moved to the north of The Netherlands Paris is only more far away.
    I’ll keep Café Ginger in mind when we might end up in Paris again one day.

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