Vegan Belgian Waffles = Liège Waffles (VeganMoFo 2013)

Product review


Product reviews wasn’t one of my themes for VeganMoFo 2013, but I couldn’t wait to write about this product.

A few weeks ago I bought a ready-made-mix for Belgian Waffles. You only have to add soymilk and vegan butter.

But first I have to talk about the Belgian waffle. Because there are actually two types of Belgian waffles.

You have the Brussels waffle. Which is made with a yeast dough and you have the Liège waffle, which contains pieces of sugar.

This mix will give you the latest:

Vegan Belgian Waffles 2


Preparing your dough is very easy. Like I wrote above, you only have to add soy milk  and butter. The package asks for 240 g butter, but I reduced this a little bit.

For baking, as usual you have to find out with your own iron waffle. The first waffles I baked were to big. Only after I started putting smaller quantities of dough on the iron, they became perfect.

And using all the package as one, will give you a big pile of waffles.

Vegan Belgian Waffle


More info about the mix here.

Available at Vedge.


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