Macaroni Cheese (VeganMoFo 2013)

You may have noticed, but it seems I’m messing up with VeganMofo this year. My excuses: a lot of unexpected things happening, I have more working hours then usually and then I fell sick.

But I prepared another Mac & Cheese. And it’s the favourite one of the house. Although I have to say, it’s probably also the most unhealthy and most expensive one.

Helas, I also made a very bad picture. So, I fooled around with a photo editor app. It still turns out a very bad picture:

Macaroni Cheese


Macaroni Cheese

Here’s the recipe for the ‘cheese’ sauce:

Melt 50g vegan butter. Add 50g plain flour. Stir for a minute. On a low heat (or remove from heat) beat in 600 ml soy milk (or another favorite non-dairy milk). Add the milk little by little and whisk till you get a smooth sauce. Return to a medium heat. Keep stirring till it boils and the sauce thickens.

Simmer a few minutes and add grated vegan cheddar and1 tsp mustard.

Throw in diced vegan ham.

Add pasta and put everything in a oven dish.

Cover with panko.

So the sauce is actually a basic classic bechamel-cheese sauce.






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