VeganMoFo is coming, and I can’t wait

Today I realised it’s almost VeganMoFo. That means it’s time to prepare myself a little bit. When I I subscribed I didn’t had inspiration for a theme.  But in the mean time I saw from other vegan bloggers some very exciting ideas. It’s going te be a fantastic  VeganMoFo again. And then today I read Jo’s post about themes and I knew it would be a good idea to challenge myself to a daily theme:


Monday will be about Mac&Cheese (I stole this idea)

Tuesday is for DIY

Wednesday about vegan baking love

Thursday I’ll show a  food picture of the day

Friday is for one of my own blog themes: vegan cooking for 2

Saturday will be a cookbook challenge (yes I still have some cookbooks from which I never made anything)

Sunday: is my day off

It is still possible this will change a little bit. But at least now I know what I to expect of myself.

And although it’s monday I’ll leave you for today with a food picture of the day:




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