Potato Salad Wrap

There’s been a change in our little family. As from now on I have to provide food for 2 people instead of 3. That means a new challenge to me. When looking at my collections of cookbooks, I realise that almost all of them provide recipes for 4 people. As a result I will have to adapt a lot of recipes. But also it inspires me for making up recipes for 2 people.
In the future I will tag the recipes as ‘Vegan cooking for Two’. And somewhere in the near future I’ll collect the recipes on a new page on this blog.

I start with a wrap:

potato salad wrap


I had some potato salad leftovers in the fridge and I thought this would be nice to use in a wrap.  The potato salad was made with a  veganaise dressing. This dressing is easily made by adding some lemon juice, oil, agave syrup, soy creamer, salt and pepper to veganaise. In the salad you’ll find cucumber, tomatoes and of course boiled potatoes.

Also in the wrap lettuce, guacamole (here made with the recipe from Veganomicon) and fried faux chicken pieces.


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