Vegan rice pudding in the slow cooker

I noticed that in most US cookbooks you find recipes for rice pudding in the breakfast section. Overhere we are more customed to eat rice pudding as a dessert. So I had to find a recipe that I could change easily to a more comfort dessert. Also I really wanted to make my rice pudding in the slow cooker. As before making rice pudding involves stirring in your pot for half an hour. It looks so relaxing that you only have to put everything in your slow cooker and voila the rice pudding just makes itself.
Helas, this rice pudding was good but still not as good as making it the old fashion way.

Rice pudding in the slow cooker

Name: Pick-your-pleasure breakfast rice pudding

From: The vegan slow cooker

Author: Kathy Hester


– doubled the amounts

– used arborio rice

– used brown Sugar

– didn’t add the dried fruit


– this is ready in 2 hours

– flavor was still a little bit to watery

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