My vegan Christmas 2012

As usual we celebrated Christmas eve in our small family of 3.  This is what I prepared for our diner.

As a starter a Party Pumpkin Soup:

Party Pumkin Soup

As a base I made a plain pumpkin soup wich I flavoured to a Party Pumpkin Soup by adding some rum.

As second course I fried some falafels and put them on top of a corn-cream.

Falafel on top of corn-cream

The main dish is a traditional with us: V-au-Vent.

V-au-Vent with potato rose

Based on this recipe. But I used some selfmade seitan instead of tofu.
The potatoes roses were prepared by making first some mashed potatoes and ading  ‘The Vegg’. Pipe roses on a baking plate and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Helas, mine became flat after 8 minutes 😦

As for dessert there was this Tiramisu:



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