The Healthy voyager’s global kitchen – review

The healthy voyager's global kitchen

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton traveled the globe. Made some notes about recipes everywhere she passed by and made her own ‘vegan versions’. A trip you should not miss.


The Healthy voyager’s global kitchen


Carolyn Scott-Hamilton


Fair Winds Press, 2012 – 226 p., English


vegan, snacks, dips & spreads, brunch, dressings , soups  , salads, starters, sidedishes, mains,  sauces,  desserts,  baking, world food


  •  paperback, pictures, attractive, clear symbols

Why you want this book?

  • recipes are listed by country
  • recipes from all over the world
  • traditional recipes are  ‘veganized’


Who can use this book? 
  • the cook who isn’t afraid to spend some time in the kitchen
  • lovers of faux meat and cheeses
  • no so good for starters vegan cooking
Must have recipes:
  • Waste not, want plenty bread pudding
  • Vegan chicken and dumpling for the soul
  • No Toad in the Hole
    Scrumptious scones

 You find pictures and comments  of The Healthy voyager’s global kitchen recipes  on my  blog TofuParty.

Feel free to write your own thoughts about this cookbook:


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