Southwestern Corn Pudding with Chile Cornmeal crusted Tofu & Cashew Mole

Usually on Sundays I find some more time for cooking. That means I grab for the more serious cookbooks like Veganomicon. I learned that it usual pays when you follow the recipes  from Isa and Terry precisely. I always got reward with food  that  has something more to it than  my most of the times hurray-up cooking. A few weeks ago I prepared this:


Both Southwestern Corn Pudding and Chile Cornmeal crusten Tofu are from Veganomicon.

As I didn’t have the ingredients for the mole they suggested, I made my own:


Cashew mole:

1 cup roasted cashews,

grind in food processor

Add 1/ 2 cup parsley,

2 garlic cloves crushed,

4 tbsp passata

plus 5 sundried tomatoes.

Pulse your food-processor a few times more. Ready!!!


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