Soy Not Oi!, part 2 (VeganMoFo, 13)

And now for something completely different. You may have noticed that something new appeared on the left side of my blog. It’s a banner for Soy Not Oi ! part 2:

Here comes the story:

Maybe some of you knew that long, very long time ago I was a contributor to Soy Not Oi! . I had 3 recipes published. This was a long time before even internet existed. So, you can imagine, being a young Belgian girl, I was so proud to be published in an American cookbook.

And now years later, they decided to make a part two. Of course I had to give it a try again. And yes, I’m in . And now comes the best part: they made me a member of the Global Chefs krew.

And there is even more good news: they are still looking for contributors.

So, go and

Join the FB group,

become a fan

read all about the first Soy Not Oi!

and send in your recipes!!!!





  1. Yay Kristel! Happy to have you on board! We need great, inventive, original vegan recipes so come visit us at the links Kristel posted. Soups, salads, desserts, beverages, anything else – the crew is ready to cook it for try-outs! We’re fighting facism with food, friends and fun –

    Eat plants!
    Smash the [industrial food] system!
    love, the SNO Krew

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