New York

Warning! This post contains a lot of pictures.

It took me 3 days to recover from my jetlag from our trip to New York. It was my first time I  left Europe. Probably it will also be my last time. Because I learned something about myself. I’m a big sufferer of fear of flying. Really I didn’t know this. And it was a hard lesson to learn. Twice I’ve been fighting against a panick attack during 8 hours. I guess it has something to do with my problem with heigths. (I wish someone had reminded me of that before I went to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building only a few hours after I left the plane.)

But New York was amazing and a vegan heaven. The only problem we had was deciding which restaurant to try because there were so many to choose from.

The first evening we went to Loving Hut because it was close by our hotel.

Creamy Spinach Mac

Burger (forgot which one)

Mac n Cheese with mushrooms

Day two took  us to Guggenheimer , Metropolitan Museum and Central Park. Close by you find the Peacefood café:

Sorry no food picture, but I couldn’t resist showing this one.

Vegan desserts at Peacefood Café

penne un-chicken parmesan   (Really bad picture but very good food)

green thai curry

Day 3 started around Union Square: Strand book store, Barnes & Noble, Wholefoodsmarket.

No words necessary

Vegan food from Wholefoods market. I was especially very happy with the mousse pie from Candle.

In the evening we went to Red Bamboo:

BBQ Ribs

Sizzling Pepper Steak Platter

Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Cake of the day

Day 4 brought us to Brooklyn for breakfast at Champs Family Bakery. Best breakfast ever:

We saved some room in our bellies because we also wanted to visit Dun-Well doughnuts:

And as if we didn’t had enough later that day we also visited Babycakes:

And to make this day a perfect vegan heaven we went to Café Blossom in the West Village. The 3 of us agreed this was the best diner of the whole week:

Flat bread pizza

On day 5 I had promised a birthday diner for the boyfriend. We decided to go to John’s of12th street because it has a vegan menu and also we liked the idea of doing something more authentical NY.

Vegan ravioli with Alfredo sauce

Vegan ravioli in Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce

Vegan Margherita Pizza

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary Vegan Ice Cream

During our last hours in NY I wanted to spent my last dollars in Wholefoods Market. I was impressed with the food I found in the freezers and fridges but I was big disappointed otherwise. Almost nowhere I found a vegan label.  And I didn’t had the time to check everything out. So in the end I almost bought nothing.


Vegan Cheese

Vegan Ice Cream




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