Birthday cake

Yesterday I blogged about the birthday breakfast for my daughter. I also made her a birthday cake. Well, I didn’t made it alone. I only baked the thing. Birthday girl made most of the decoration herself.

Name: Classic Yellow Birthday Cake

From: Vegan baking classics

Author: Kelly Rudnicki

Comment: we found some fondant that looked vegan.  It had one E-number that was a little bit confusing. It could be vegan but it could also not.  Although we had to avoid everything red, because that always seems to contain cochinelle.

It was the first time I used fondant. I’m actually not very fond of the taste. But for this special birthday I decided to give it a try. I think that at lease  once in a lifetime  you should try to make a really fancy cake. It didn’t turn out as a perfect as we wished but we had fun making it.


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