No-kneading spelt bread


I heard and read so much about making bread that doesn’t need kneading, I really had to try it.  Although this bread isn’t bad, I missed a particular flavour and texture in it.  I don’t think I will make this often. Also I like to knead. It’s kinda relaxing.


Name: No-kneading spelt bread
From: Big vegan
Author: Robin Asbell

Rice Fritata


When I started to get interested in vegan cooking, there wasn’t one Dutch vegan cookbook on the market. Luckily this has changed.  There are now a few. This dish is from one of the latest ‘Puur plantaardig‘.

Name : Rice Fritata
From : Puur plantaardig
By: Antoinette Hertsenberg & Jacinta Bokma
Comment: You can easily make this fritata with leftovers.