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I used to be fat(ter) gave me a Liebster award, and instead of being more inspired for blogging, it got me totally blacked out. Really, I don’t know what happened to me, but suddenly I lost all urge for blogging.

Did it happen because it was already the second time I received the liebster award? And I felt like life was repeating itself.

Are was it because my blogging is becoming more and more a personal foodlog (like a personal catalog of dishes I prepared) instead of interesting stuf I really have to share with the world.

Are did I feel ashame that I don’t know any new blogs I want to give a liebster. There are probably lots of new interesting ones, but I don’t find the time anymore to follow new ones. My favourites already received an award from me.

Still, thank you very much I used to be fat(ter), you gave me something to think about 🙂 .

And I think I will just go on with my cataloging of things I prepared from my endlessly growing library of vegan cookbooks. It’s to handy and to much fun.

Below a few more books that are more than welcome in my library. Also to be found on my Pinterest cookbook wishlist.



  1. I was a tester for Carla Kelly’s slow cooker book – I think you’ll like it – lots of interesting recipes. She has another one in the works that I think will be a classic – I hope so anyway!

    • I’m very curious about all the slow cooking books. But there’s one problem. I don’t own a slowcooker. Also I don’t know anyone who’s using one. I guess slowcookers aren’t well know in Belgium..

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