Kevin’s tofu murphy

When my eye spotted this recipe, I just knew I had to prepare it one day.
Not because it seemed like a very spectacular recipe. No because of it’s name.

When I was 14 my mother became pregnant. She decided that me and my sisters, all teenage girls, would probably find a modern name. I came up with Kevin, of which I thought was very originial. (Don’t forget I’m living in Belgium and this was the early 80’s.) And so it would be, my little brother would be called Kevin.
Years later I’ve cursed myself a million times, because it became one of the most popular names.

Still a recipe called after my little brother, that’s one I really had to try:

Name: Kevin’s tofu murphy

From: You won’t believe it’s vegan

By: Lacey Sher & Gail Doherty

Page: 135

Adjustments: non

Comments: the tofu could use some more flavour



  1. Mmm… peppers, onions, mushrooms, tofu… this looks really good!

    If the tofu needed flavor maybe it could be marinaded first. Place favorite vegetables and spices with some vinegar in food processor and grind until smooth. Voila, marinade!

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