The vegetarian option – cookbook review (VeganMoFo 2011)

 The vegetarian option

  by Simon Hopkinson


Kind of book?

Vegetarian (vegetable) cookbook

Beginner, intermediatechallenging?


Special format. Each chapter describes two ingredients that have a natural affinity with each other (broccoli,cauliflower, tomato and olive oil). Especially the vegetables play a role in this book.

Vegan friendly?

Many vegan recipes and / or recipes that are easy to adjust.

The looks:

Hardback, modest but beautiful and sober photography.

Good points:

Personal stories of the cook in which he shares his experience with the ingredients.
The linking of two ingredients
Includes a few recipes for condiments  to make yourself p.e. masalapaste.
Many recipes for local seasonal vegetables.
Good index.

Bad points:

A recipe for chickenbroth???
Few innovative vegan recipes.

Recipes I really want to try in the future:

Pimento-potato casserole with jalapeñodressing
Buttery pilaf with onions, coconut milk and green paste


The vegetarian option / Simon Hopkinson, 2010
Published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang
224 pages
More  info about  Simon Hopkinson.

* This quotation is a recommendation for people who want to cook vegan

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