Vegan lunch box – cookbook review (VeganMofo 2011)


by Jennifer McCann

Kind of book?

General Vegan

Beginner, intermediate, challenging?


With this book you now have every day enough inspiration for a tasty, vegan, and above all original lunch to take to work or school. Or what do you think of: pups in blankets, potato beetles, perfect Pepitas, corn tires, … No more boring sandwiches with hummus, now you’ll take a full meal with you.

The looks:

Clear and simple*

Good points

– Both quick and easy as taking a little longer and complicated preparations
– A lot of menu lunch suggestions ranging from easy to complex, special occasions, exotic, …
– Do not only expect spreads, snacks and sandwiches, this book is primarily a general cookbook with recipes for soups, main dishes, cakes, side dishes, salads, drinks and desserts.
– Nice and tasty photos of lunch boxes
– Good index and the book will lie open fairly easily

Bad points

– Couldn’t find any.

Success story’s

I didn’t try anything yet. But this book gave me plenty of enthusiasm. Yes, sometimes we now take homemade hummus with home baked bread as a lunch to work.

Recipes I really want to try in the future

– Cream cheese spirals
– Mini Wellingtons
– Play Pretzels
– Polenta fries
– Asian salad with orange sesame dressing
– Lentil-rice balls
– Ponzu sauce
– Almond buttered sweet potatoes
– Croissants
– Ethiopian injera bread

More information

Author Jeniffer McCann has her own  blog.

Published by  Da Capo Press

The sequel is also already published: Vegan Lunch Box Around the World

English, 280 p.

* I don’t own this book. I wrote a small review earlier, but did’t wrote anything down about the looks. So, I’m doing this by memory.

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  1. This is one of the first vegan books I bought. I make the Chili Con Carne at least once a month! The lentil rice balls are awesome too. Some of the recipes I don’t think are actually practical for school lunches, but they’re still fun for a weekend.

    • Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that yet. It’s indeed 😦
      Still, as I review the book itself l and not the author, this changes nothing to the appreciation of the book.

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