The Urban Vegan – cookbook review (VeganMoFo 2011)


by Dynise Balcavage

Kind of book?

General vegan

Beginner, intermediate, challenging?


Cosmopolitan city kitchen.  From stall food, café food to more “haute cuisine” you find it veganized in this cookbook. But more than that she also created her own recipes of food you wish you could be able to buy in your own city.  And as in every big city you find the whole world collected in this book.

The looks:

No pictures, paperback, warm and clear layout.

Good points:

Lot’s of tips, comments, suggestions (variations or wine tips).

Handy pictograms with every recipe.

Practical layout.

Introduction to every recipe.

Helpful index

Lots of creative, inspirational recipes.

Bad points:

No pictures

Success story’s:

Havana beans and rice + pan-fried plantains

Spicy udon noodles

Cameroon mafé

Brussels sprouts au gratin

foil-roasted beets with wasabi vinaigrette 

Chickpeas with tomatoes and spinach

chocolate mousse

Recipes I really want to try in the future:

Deconstructed monkey bread

Raspberry swirl pound cake with limoncello glaze

Italian wedding soup

Sherry-infused pâté

Mini-rice croquettes with wasabi-miso dipping sauce

Sweet potato gnocchi with basil cream sauce

Panko-crusted tofu with tamarind-raspberry glaze

Chocolate-swirl cheesecake

Classic crème brûlée

More information:

Published by Three Forks

Follow The urban Vegan on her blog.

See a preview of the book here.


November ’11 Dynise Balcavage 2nd cookbook will become available:

Celebrate Vegan: 200 Life-Affirming Recipes for Occasions Big and Small

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  1. It is a great book! Dynise enjoys experimenting and playing with ingredients in creative ways that lead to wonderful new things. I was one of the lucky recipe testers for her new book of holiday recipes, and know that there will be plenty for everyone to enjoy.

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