A meeting with ‘Another dinner is possible’



   by Mike and Isy

Kind of book?

General Vegan

Beginner, intermediate, challenging?


As the authors write “more than just a vegan cookbook: recipes & food for thought”. Besides recipes you can also find articles on food, nutrition, children, food, waste, home brewing, growing their own food, seasonal food (with summary table) … and cooking for a crowd. This book is more than a cookbook, a practical guide to an environmentally and animal-friendly lifestyle.

The looks:

Totally DIY style.

Good points

– A whole section with unique Korean recipes
– Mostly simple dishes
– Good introduction and lots of basic recipes for vegan cooking and baking
– Little unusual ingredients
– Handy index
– Spiral bound, remains very easy to lie open on one page

Bad points

– no photos
– Not anarchists might be a little discouraged

Success story’s

The ‘cheezy’ sauce and ‘Basic Vegan Sponge Cake‘ with its variants, are two basic easy recipes, which have become indispensable in my kitchen.

Chocolate almond cookies

Lemon cake

Basic vegan sponge cake

Marble cake

Recipes I really want to try in the future

– Bean and beer caserole with dumplings
– Bombay potatoes
– Potato flatbread
– ‘Steak’ and Ale Pie
– Vegan ‘Bounty’ Bars

More information

This book was originally published by Active Distribution and The Anarchist Teapot (2007). A second edition, with a new cover appeared in 2009. Both covers of Hey Monkey Riot.  The second edition co-published with AK Press has been corrected and updated and made American friendly with cup measurements addes.

A preview of the book can be seen here.

You can order the book at  AKPress (U.S.),  Active Distribution (United Kingdom), Amazon, …. .

English, 256 p.

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