A meeting with ‘Pure vegetarian’

Before I start with my first review I have to confess something. I’m addicted to cookbooks (and food blogs). Mostly the vegan ones, but I like my vegetarian ones too. And even the non-veggies. In my mind I see the meat and fish replaced by faux food.
For this I have two reasons. First: a good cookbook means also a lot of inspiration and tips and tricks. Most of them also contain vegan recipes of recipes that can be easily veganised. In the reviews I will add if a non vegan book is of any use for vegans.
The second reason is that I’m writing the reviews also for my dutch blog. There are only a few dutch vegan cookbooks. So, for people who aren’t familiar with english cookbooks I thought it would be a good idea to point to vegan recipes or adapted recipes in non-vegan cookbooks.

In short: most reviews will be vegan books, but sometimes you will find a non-vegan or even a non-veggie.

All reviews will be collected on my new page.

(By the way, I don’t own any non veggie books. These are all borowed. I would never go that far.)


by Paul Gayler

Kind of book?

General Vegetarian

Beginner, intermediate, challenging?


Vegetarian recipes from an UK chef.

Combination of worldfood and english ingredients.

Chapter on working with dough.

Has a few raw recipes.

 Easy vegan?

Contains a lot of vegan recipes or recipes that are easily veganised.  Although the recipes with cheese ask mostly for a special kind of cheese that would not be easy replaced.

The looks:

Like a typical famous chef cookbook: beautiful pictures, organized, nice lay-out, stylish, …

Good points

– Introduction with every recipe

– New and unusual ingredients combination.

– Recipes very well written.

– Uses not only the fancy vegetables.

– Not for everyday cooking but lots of inspiration.

– Index by ingredients

Bad points

– In the dutch translation of the book I found some mistakes in the recipes.

– Lots of ingredients and a few difficult to find ingredients (= in Belgium)

Success story’s

Only two recipes tried yet:

walnut risotto*

vegetable stefado with spinach and tomato keftedes*

Recipes I really want to try in the future

Steamed Eastern rolls*

Mee krob

My fusion noodles*

Polenta with sweet potatoes and Asian vegetable fricassée*

Pearavioli with saffronbuttersauce and salad of beetroot with truffle*

Tagliatelli with caramelized chicory and fried lemon peel*

Penne with spicy eggplant and sauce from black beans and peanuts*

More information

Pure Vegetarian: Modern and Stylish Vegetarian Cooking

by Paul Gayler

Photography by Gus Filgate

Published by Kyle Cathie Ltd.

192 pages, 2006

*Own translation as I used the Dutch translated book.

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