Let’s start the VeganMoFo 2011

  So, here we are. The 1st of october.  That means autumn, more time spending inside, more time to blog, more time to read blogs.  It’s the ideal time for VeganMoFo.  Did you check out the list?  Wow, so many!

Except this year something strange is going on, with the weather.  Normally I should be writing this in my kitchen, probably with the heater on and me wearing a sweater.  But no, this year I’m starting VeganMofo outside my house.  I’m actually sitting outside with my bare arms.  We’re having this unbelievable very exceptional very, very late summertime.  That means I’ve been spending lots of time outside lately (I even went to a Grease sing-a-long drive in).  That also means I’m not totally ready for VeganMoFo.  I wrote  some posts already in advance but I wanted to make a few changes at the blog.  To bad.  Getting some vitamine D is also very important.

What can you expect?

I’ll start with the quick practical cookbook reviews.

What more?  Two recipes are waiting, one is for a frangipane.

More food from last weeks.


And as a celebration for the start of VeganMofo this chocolate brownie from The vegan joy of baking:

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