Massive wrap up, part 2




















Farfalle salad : 2 tomatoes, lentils plus dressing from ‘Pastasalade met puy-linzen en olijfjes / Puur vegetarisch‘ but without the coriander

moussaka: combination of 2 recipes. One from Delia’s vegetarian collection. For the tofu-ricotta I used the recipe from Vegan Planet, p. 384

Udon salad: dressing from Vegetarian times Everything vegan

curry-cashew casserole & potato-chunks:
casserole from The Urban Vegan but instead of tomatoes – tomatopaste; instead of chickpeas: little seitan chunks, plus 1 yellow pepper
potato chunks: technique from Vegetarian Times Everything Vegan but without the garlic and parsley

curried lentils with cauliflower: from Vegetarian Times Everything Vegan

Polenta with marinara sauce & grilled eggplant

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