I’m back soon

I’m back soon.

I’m still a little bit confused after what happened to us at the Pukkelpop festival. And only a few days later I got the news that my working place is moving to another city. That means next year I’ll have to travel by train 2 hours (1 up, 1 back).

So, I had a lot of thinking going on. Actually it’s still going on. One of them was thinking about this blog. Should I go on, or should I stop? I started it with stories about me starting to cook vegan for my teenage daughter. But she didn’t liked it to much, me talking about her on the net. So, I stopped doing that. After that, I didn’t had a real subject for my blog, except vegan food.

So, now I’m thinking I would only go further if I had something as a subject. The thing I’m thinking about is that it would be a log of me cooking from my cookbooks. Maybe sometimes a recipe would pop-up or something else. I would also write very small cookbook reviews. More practical information than a real review. I did this already a few times for my dutch blog. And I would like to do the same for this one.

Let me now what you think?


I still had to show my new things I brought back from Bristol and Bath:




  1. I am sorry to hear about the long commute. Now you will have lots of time for audio books, but less time at home.

    I enjoy your stories about food, especially your Dutch food because that is all new to me. It is nice to see vegan Dutch food that is not rookworst or Edam or herring! You are helping to keep Dutch cuisine alive in a healthy and compassionate way.

    You have a lot of good cookbooks. We’ve enjoyed Appetite For Reduction too.

  2. I also vote for Dutch food! I would love to learn more about it! Also, very sorry about the commute, perhaps you can use the time to read? I also enjoy your Dutch blog, very much; I only just discovered it today!

  3. Thanks for all the support. But there is a little confusion. I’m not Dutch but a Belgian, from the flemish part. So I speak flemish, which is a kind of dutch. You can compare it a little bit with like the difference between English and American. Dutch is our official language but the way we speak it, is totally different.
    Also Belgian cooking has a different culture than dutch cooking. We’re more influenced by the french cuisine. Belgian cooking is supposed to be better because we are famous for our Bourgondien lifestyle. Don’t forget we invented the fries and are well known for our chocolate and waffles.

  4. Sorry for the confusion; that is entirely my fault. Belgians are also responsible for some of the world’s greatest beers – it is no wonder that the EU would settle on Brussels for its home!

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