It took me a few days to be able to write this post. This post is not about food.  First I didn’t know if I should write anything about it at all.  But if I learned something the last days is that talking or writing about bad things that happens to you reallly helps.
On thursday I went to the Pukkelpop festival.  Maybe some of you know already, because it made the worldnews.  Pukkelpop was hit by a very big storm.  5 people got killed, lots of people got seriously injured. 
I’m nog ging to write the whole story down here. Google Pukkelpop 2011 and you probably find los of things on the net.
I only want to show you this movie.  At the time of this movie I was in this tent. One person got killed in this tent.  My boyfriend got injured on his he ad. He’s fine. These were the most scaried moments of my life.  The tent felt on top of us.  First we were trapped between the tent and some seatings.  After 5 minutes people helped us finding the way out.  We had to climb or way out, while my boyfriend was bleeding on his head and the storm was still ging on.


Below you see a picture of the tent afterwards.



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