Visiting Bristol

From Bath we took a train to Bristol.

Our first steps in Bristol took us to the St. Nicholas Market, were we found the Royce Rolls:

It’s like arriving in vegan heaven:

Check out all the V’s.  This was mine:

For diner we went to the café Kino.  It’s a co-op restaurant, that claims to be vegan.  You don’t have much choice, but this Kino burger was surely good enough for me:

Again I couldn’t resist to take some dessert that I took back to our hostel:

Also these 2 chocolat truffels I couldn’t resist.  The chocolat bar was a gift from the guy behind the counter:

We liked the place so much we went back for breakfast and had some more of those delicious muffins.  Normally we wanted to go for a real english breakfast: with v-sausages, v-bacon, beans, ….  But they don’t start before 10h. At that time I was already awake for some hours and I really needed to eat something.  There was also another  place in the same street that promised a totally vegan breakfast but when we arrived at 9.30 it was still closed, we checked later at 11, and it was still closed.

That evening  we went to this restaurant: Cafe Maitreya .

Although the food was good and the dessert super, it was a very long distance to walk.  Also we had to walk through a neighbourhood in which you don’t feel comfortable when it’s getting dark.  To my surprise the riots in Bristol 2 days later didn’t start overthere but in the street of café Kino.

We also did other things than eating, like looking around in Bristol:

Next post: all the goodies I brought back!


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