Visiting Bath

Holidays are almost over for me. In the last two weeks I made a few city trips to Bath, Bristol and Amsterdam.

The first trip went to Bath by nightbus on a ride of more than 12 hours. For this I made us breakfast in advance:

‘Cinnamon rolls’ from Vegan brunch.

For our first day I made a reservation with Demuths, one of Britans finest vegetarian restaurant. Our expectations were very high, and we didn’t get disappointed. Check these pictures:

On day two we went to the assembly rooms and fashion museum, where you could see this:

That’s me and the daughter.

The royal crescent.

The Roman Baths with his Pump Room:

We were able to have one glas of this supposely very healthy water.

We stayed in the local YMCA. And almost next to it, there was this health food store: Harvest, totally vegetarian and lots of vegan food. I had this as lunch and as dessert a new vegan ice cream. Sorry forgot to write the name down, but it’s very, very good:

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