Some more faux fish dishes

This dish is again from the great new dutch vegan cookbook: ‘non*fish*a*li*cious‘, p. 112

Made a few changes: no carrots, broccoli instead of cauliflower, seewead instead of ‘seebeet?’, no chickpeas, 3 instead of 4 tomatoes, tofu instead of tempeh.

For this recipe I used a sauce from a package. Really. The kind you have to add water to a ground powder and voila you have a sauce. I found a package of this sauce in my letterbox. It said: fish sauce. I was going to trow it away, immediately. But curious as I was, I checked for the ingredients and found out it was vegan. The recipe I used for this dish, was on the package. I had some faux fish in my fridge, so I used this. Unfortunalety, I lost the package. So, I can’t tell you more.

And as last: vegan scampi.

Never had the real stuff, so I can’t compare. I used a recipe from a Belgian cookbook: Cook ‘n’ roll. It contains recipes from Belgian musicians. This one was the ‘tagliatelli with scampi’ and curry from Jim Cole.

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