Choc-chip-sinas-cake and more

Again, it’s been awhile I have been blogging.  But I didn’t stop cooking and baking.  These are a few things I prepared:

Based on a recipe for Choc-chip-lemon-cake from Tea and Sympatico.   Changed the lemon for some orange. 

Found a good recipe in a dutch bread baking book. The bread contains walnuts.

From 500 vegan recipes

From a dutch vegetarian cookbook: Verrassend veggie

From ‘Quick and easy Vegan comfort food

And if you would like to know were I have been hanging out lately. Well at my job lots of time, here:

It’s kinda of a library, and I’m the only one who is working in it. But when I want some time off, there are some people who replaces me.



  1. Those spinach puff look so good, as does the lasagna – it all does.
    Thanks for posting a picture of your “office” – it’s interesting seeing pictures of peoples work space – and their kitchens too.

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