The complete guide to Vegan food substitutions

It seems ages ago since my last blogpost.  But it’s a fact that we are having a very, very early summer in Belgium.  Last days we were even the warmest place in Europe.  So I spend lots of time outside.  Also the daughter went to Paris for one week.  And I had planned for myself a very busy working schedule.  (If I had know it would be this nice weather all week, I would have planned something else …. )

Mihl from Seitan is my motor posted a few weeks ago a nice tribute to The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions 

These are two dishes I made from the same book, but with a little twist:

Spirals with ‘paradiso’ and spinach.

In the book they use their own made ‘tofu feta’ for this one, but I used Vegourmet paradiso

Cheesy chicken casserole

For this I didn’t use carrots but green beans.  And also I didn’t use TVP or soy curls but Fry’s Polony.

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