Baking for Moby

My boyfriend J works for the  record-distribution company, PIAS.  A few weeks ago he told me he was going to have a press day with Moby and if I didn’t feel like baking something for Moby.  Of course, I was excited.  I know Moby as a famous vegan musician for more than 20 years already.  He was interviewed for the magazine from the UK vegan society.  That’s how I first read about him, as a vegan.  Only later he became famous in Belgium.

As the cakes had to be make one day in advance and had to be taking to Brussels by train, I couldn’t make anything to fancy.  I decided to make my Belgian speciality by making  ‘speculoos-chocolate’ cakes.

The recipe used is the one from Vegan cupcakes take over the world, golden  vanilla, with chunks of chocolate and speculoos.

J.  told me Moby was very thankfull.  Twice he said to J.  to say thanks, to me.  He liked the cakes but they were a little bit to sweet to his taste.  The big surprise was that a lot of colleaguess and even a journalist were very curious about the cakes too.  So, they have eaten them too.  And they all liked them very much.  They said they were just like the real ones 🙂 and one guy even stated he could eat a whole bag of the cakes.



  1. This is awesome! I love reading things about Moby and it’s so good that people there saw (one more time) how delicious vegan food is 🙂

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