Pink Vegan Macarons

Some time ago I got The Vegan Boulangerie.

I desperate wanted the book because of  the recipe for  vegan macarons.  And finally I found some time to try them out.

Strange enough the base of the recipe is marzipan and rice flour.   By this, I knew this was going to be a hard job.  So it was,  and helas, I have to say,  a little bit of a dissapointement too.

First it was very hard to make a decent dough.  So, probably I added to much rice flour.

Then I couldn’t make nice round shapes.  As you can see in the picture:

But hey, who cares about the look, it’s all about the taste, isn’t it? But, also that came as a dissapointed. No way this tasted like macarons, more like baked marzipan that needed to be chewed on.  I also baked them to high in the oven, so they became really quick brown.

Probably I made a lot of mistakes by not following the directions of the recipe like it should be, but I don’t think this will be ‘the’ recipe for veganizing macarons.

Does anyone has any other recipe? Tips? I read some rumours that bittersweet will have some in her new book.

PS: please don’t judge a book by one bad recipe review. I still like The vegan boulangerie. It’s a very sympathic attempt to veganize french baking.



  1. I definitely don’t think it was your fault that these didn’t turn out! Sadly, I’ve read almost nothing but bad things about the Vegan Boulangerie 😦 sorry to hear that you were disappointed, too. I hope you still get to make at least something yummy from the book!

  2. This was the first recipe I tried from this book, and I was so disappointed! Although mine were a nice round shape, they didn’t look or taste like macaroons (like you said, more like a baked marzipan… nothing special) Later I tried a few more recipes but all in all not too impressed by the Vegan Boulangerie I’m afraid…

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