It happens on sundays.

There is no bread in the house, you don’t want to go to a bakery because it’s raining very hard and you’re in the mood for staying in your nightwear all day anyway.

You could bake some bread but that will take hours and this is one of those crazy days that you’re not longing for a muffin.

So what to do?
Go to freezer, take some puff pastry.  Defrost for half an hour. Cut the dough in triangles and roll your own croissants.  Bake in oven.

Et voila, your family is impressed and you can be lazy and satisfied for the rest off the day.



    • Hi Anthony,

      Overhere you can buy frozen vegan puff pastry.
      And I’m sorry but I also have to mention this for the second time. This blog is all about vegan food and you are sharing a recipe that contains eggs.

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