Receiving awards is fun

Wow, I received a stylish blog award from The life.  The fact that he called me friendly and colorful makes me specially happy.

Below this post you find the rules,  it means I have to give you 7 facts about myself.  Here we go:

1/ I’m not particular found of a lot of vegetables and I always forget to buy and eat fruit.

2/ My job: I’m responsible for a small library specialised in sexual health education

3/ While I’m cooking there is a lot of chance you  find me dancing too

4/ Long time ago I was a real hardcore-punk girl, who liked to pogo and even tried once a stagedive.

5/ I’m more a dreamer than a do-er.  I have lots of interests and almost every day I’m having a splendid new idea , but I’m spending more time on thinking, dreaming and creating in my head, than actually doing things.

6/ I never were cosmetica and I don’t even know how I should put it on.

7/ I look much younger then my real age.  People can’t believe I have a 16 year old daughter, sometimes they mistake me for an older sister, but I was already 26 when she was born.  I always blame it on not eating meat but the truth is it runs in the family.

And these are the blogs I would like to give an award.


It’s in dutch, but she’s the best and the one and only vegan cupcake bakery in Ghent.

A nether ending story

Observations from a American expat  at our neighbours , the dutch.  Vegan food lover too.

The vegan mouse

I started my own blog three years ago with almost the same question: WHAT DO YOU EAT?”

Why, yummy food of course!

c’est la vegan

MMM, delicious looking vegan cakes and so much more.

Seitan beats your meat

Fan of her cookies cookbook.  Makes vegan cooking looking young, hip, cool and fun.

vg-zone net

Vegan cooking en Français.  Only for this blog I wish I had paid more attention during my french lessons

Cooking vegan food up north.

Because I’m having the same t-shirt, only mine is black.  And vegan cooking in Iceland during winter seems to me a real challenge.

Eating with the rabbits

She’s not been updating since a few months, but I hope she returns soon.


I love the picture of the teapot cosy’s.  Also this blogger is from Manchester.  One day I hope to visit Manchester.

Lazy smurf’s guide to life

Need I say more, the title  tells it all.


1. Make a post & link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award ten recently discovered great bloggers (sorry to the folks I have been reading for a long time, you get left out of this one).
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won.



  1. Thank you for mentioning me!!! I am also more of a dreamer than a doer. I am so good at coming up with ideas. The follow through…. not so much 🙂

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