Forgotten vegetables on pasta

I was surfing the net for a recipe that contained a  sweet potato and a kohlrabi.  My first match was immediately a hit.  A dutch vegan recipe from a very famous Belgian tv chef.  I’m not really a fan of him, because he’s like everywere.  His cookbooks are most of the time nr. 1 on the top ten of sold books.  You can also buy a lot of kitchenware with his name on it.  So, he’s a little bit of  annoying and he really doesn’t need more publicity.  For all of this I’m not going to mention his name here accept his forename: Piet.

Of course that  doesn’t mean his recipe aren’t any good, this one was delicious:

You find the recipe here. In dutch of course and I don’t think I  can write  a translation here, because when he finds out, he probably tries to sue me.


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