3 kings cakes

I don’t know if this tradition is worldwide know, but overhere at 6 january it’s the day of the 3 kings. That means you eat a pie in which one bean is hidden. The person who finds the bean is king for one day.
I started looking for a 3 kings pie that I could veganize. Most 3 kings pies has some almondmeal involved and I also found one which has rum as an ingredient. But then I decided I wasn’t in the mood for a pie, but for small cakes. Soon I discovered this recipe on the internet: vegan almond cupcakes.

Instead of the  amaretto  I used rum.  Also I didn’t make the frosting. I find cupcakes always very cute and delicious looking, but my family just isn’t into it.

I had one pinenut hidden in the batter.  It made me king for one day.




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