Cook for life: vegan muffins

Every year the flemish radiostation Studio Brussel organises Music for life.  This year they raise money for aids orphans in Africa.  As I work for an organisation, Sensoa,  who is also involved in taking care of people with hiv, we were obliged to do something too. Sensoa organised Cook for life and my contribution were these vegan muffins:

Those contained chocolate chips and speculoos chunks.

Before I made some to sell at my working place I practiced at home and made these:


These only contained speculoos chunks.

In the past I participated also to Music for Life with my Vegan cupcakes for life.



  1. The muffins look great! I had to search to find out what speculoos chunks might be; they sound good too. Do the speculoos chunks remain crispy after baking in the muffin? I think probably not, but they must provide a nice holiday spice flavor.

    You are vegan, blogging, AND working for Sensoa! You find many ways to make the world a better place.

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