Bok choy in beer and cream sauce

Maybe this sounds as a crazy combination: cream with beer, but believe me, it works!

Chop one bok choy very finely.

Stir fry in a wok for a few minutes.

Add 1 dl/ 0.5 cup cream (soy, oat, …) and 1 dl / 0.5 cup dark beer.*

Add some faux meat ( I used Fry’s Beef Style Chuncky Strips) or some well marinated tofu.

I served this with some roasted root vegetables, here carrots and parsnips mixed with  oil and concentrated apple juice.

*Notice: 1 dl is actually something between 1/3 and 1/2 cup.


One comment

  1. Lekker! I enjoy cooking with beer, and winter’s cold weather calls for hearty, warm dishes with the depth of dark beers. I look forward to trying this recipe. Dank je wel.

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