VeganMoFo 14: I do love my cake

I’m a cake lover.  I could eat it everyday.

But as a vegan you get confronted with this one problem.  If you want cake, you’ll have to make it yourself.

Lately I don’t have that problem anymore.  Because now I can purchase lots of delicious cookies and cakes from Vegan Bakery

I already tried the lemon cake and the marsipan cake, and they were both delicious.  These cakes aren’t fresh ones, so you have to be open for that.  Then last week I saw in my usual health food store, a sign that stated ‘vega’ on a chocolate cake.  Of course I had to ask if that meant it was vegan, and so it was.  Immediately I bought two pieces, one for me and one for the daughter.  Not to bad, but honestly I like the ones I bake better.  Still, it’s good to know that when I’m in desperetaly need for a piece of cake, I know were to go.  That means when my secret stash of ‘vegan bakery’ cakes is already gone.


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