VeganMofo 5: raised waffles

I only have one tradition in my life, on november the 1st I bake some waffles.  When I was a child we used to visit my grandparents on that day.  Afther the anual visit to the graveyard all the family would come together at my grandparents house.  The dough was always prepared in advance and when everyone had arrived my  grandfather would start to bake.  Usually he handled two waffle irons.

I thought this year I should make some waffles for which the dough needed some time too.  The raised waffles from Vegan Brunch turned out an excellent choice.  And if you think this photo is not a very beautifull one, well that’s because my family didn’t allow me any time for a photoshoot.  They just wanted to start to eat, right away, the waffles were just looking to delicious 🙂


  1. I never did waffles and I wish I could have one of the waffles irons!

    The best thing of the Vegan MoFo is seeing all blogs back in this crazy and amazing every day posts 😉

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