Veganmofo 2: bulgurpilav with beets

The bulgurpilav with beets is  from ‘How to cook everything vegetarian‘.

If you should wonder what those other things are.  Well, their ‘chicken’nuggets from Fry’s‘.  Lately I am able to buy lots of different faux meat and fish from this webshop: VEGGIE deluxe.  They offer  a lot of vegan food  and I’m so curious that I want to check them all out but I think it’s going to take me a while because they have so much.  And  I don’t mind to have some faux things on my plate, but just not every day.




  1. Anything with beets and I am in! I always try any new mock meat I can find, although I rarely like most of them. I have my favorites that I pick up regularly but I just like to try the new ones, its fun! I really enjoyed your blog (just found it). Finding new blogs from MoFo rocks!

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