VeganMofo 1: cinnamon apple pie bars

From : 500 vegan recipes

Ah, it’s finally there: VeganMofo. I’ve been saving up my posts for this month. I’m going for the goal of at least 20 posts. I don’t have a theme this year. I had plans, ideas, …. But I think I just keep going on with my blog like I used to do. Except, maybe for the people that are curious about my other going on when I’m not cooking, baking or blogging (and working). I’ll update every weekend the things that I’ve been reading, watching, listening, buying, lending, … Well, not everything of course, but just some things so you can get at least a small idea of my person and the things I like.  Or you can like me on Facebook or follow on twitter.

This is the start:

Read: Arthur and George / Julian Barnes,

Listened: Ou est le swimming pool

Watched: True Blood

Bought: Blafre Thermossen, Vegan Baking Classics, The Vegan Boulangerie

Lended: The Vegan Family Cookbook



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