Vegan London calling, 4

On day four we went to the British Museum and in the afternoon we visited the neighbourhood of  Brick Lane. That day was J. birthday and his greatest gift was therefore that he could go to  Rough Trade.  I also  had the best restaurant reserved for that day, which also proved to be quite handy as it is just around the corner from Rough Trade. I’m talking about Rootmaster: a fully vegan restaurant on a double decker bus. Much heard of for years, been very curious about it and finally we were here:

Again I reserved online in advance to be sure. In addition, I had already looked into the menu and I knew that there was only one dish that I certainly would like to order: the ‘TofuTower “:

One word: Super!

J. took the same but Y. had it more difficult too choose and finally went for this:

And since we had something to celebrate, we had a place reserved in our stomach for dessert:

On the menu it sais there was a wait of 25 minutes, but that was totally worth it, although I wouldn’t had mind to eat the  ice desert of Y. and J.:

Rootmaster, if only for them I go right back to London::

But there is more, the last day I had myself  booked on one of the main attractions of London: Vx, vegan shop and the headquarters of the SSOV.
You should know that all week long my feet were hurting like hell because I had taken the wrong shoes to London. I didn’t need more excuses to buy immediately on the spot a new pair of shoes:

We bought some more vegan food such as donuts (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures).   At the shop we  also had a very nice surprise, the girl that helped us was Flemish. So we could even talk in our own language.
The last day is the one you have to get rid of your last pounds, so after a visit to the National Gallery, and again a bookstore we did another visit to Planet Organic. This organic supermarket, that  we only discovered at the end of the week and that from then on gave us a lunch because they offer a good selection of vegan food. Each product is  indicated with labels for wich  type of diet it  is suitable, so I only had to look for stickers with a blue V, and that proved to be a lot and very easy.
These are the things we  all dragged back home:




  1. Ha! I hadn’t seen this yet, but I just posted about Vx as well. Looks like you got so many awesome goodies, that’s great! Ooooh, I didn’t see any donuts when I was at Vx! I actually don’t think I’ve ever had a vegan donut…

    And Rootmaster looks so festive at night!

    Also… I want that tofu tower.

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