Vegan London calling, 3

Day 3 started with the Victoria & Albert Museum (= not seen on the picture), where we so amazed by everything.   I will never forget the moment I entered this room and realised that I was suddenly looking at David (a replica of course).

At noon we had the intention to grab something to eat overhere:

Unfortunately this proved to be completely closed and abandoned.
The afternoon was spent partly in Foyles. This remains one of my favorite bookstores, already because of the fact that there is a bookshelf fully dedicated to vegan cookbooks . Unfortunately you will encounter here also the crisis in bookland, my so adored vegan bookshelf, has actually a total of only two full planks for real, that means if you disregard the raw books. Yet one of my purchases there: Viva Vegan!
Forgot to mention  that on day 2 I found in this 2hand bookstore in Camden Lock Market this vegan cookbook for a few pound: The joy of vegan cookery .

In the evening we had again something I had been looking very forward too: Zilli Green in Soho. To be safe, I had in advance reserved  a table through the website. We were a little too early and were the first guests seated in the basement (on the ground flour it was already fully crowded ).

I choose this:
Veggie Meat Ball Casserole with Rice & Caponata
Mmm, the tastiest vegan meatballs in tomato sauce that I’ve eaten in my life. The caponata was also very good. Too bad the rice and salad were just too simple.  From this, as stated on their website, innovative restaurant with a real chef, I had expected that little extra.
Furthermore, there was dessert menu we  had our eyes on: a vegan tirasimu, which I definitely had to give it a try:

And Y. can hardly watch the word cheesecake (here:
Organic Tofu & Limoncello Cheesecake) without wanting a piece of it:

The desserts and the vegan meatballs made the trip to this restaurant plenty worthwhile.



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