Vegan London calling, 2

Day 2 started with Tate Modern.  

Afterwarts we went to Camden Town.  A few days before are departure I had read on the blog Eating with the rabbits a review about The Ha Ha Veggie Bar, which you find in  Camden Lock Market.

(PS: If you want more tips and reviews about Vegan London you should really check out Eating with the Rabbits.)

Y. en J. went for the hotdog:

But, I choose the burger. I read on their website that they use their own unique recipe. Of course I was curious:

After some hours walking around and discovering more and more in the Camden maze, it was finally time to go for Loving hut. Only the evening before we left for London I discovered this place, and I know we could expect lots of cheap and delious vegan food.

J. en me took the buffet which means you can take as much as you want, and it costs only £ 5.50:

It was al so good.  Y. took the eco burger:

Because it’s so cheap we really wanted a dessert:

Y. had the cheesecake, for me it was this chocolate cake:

The service by this young guy was very friendly.  Loving Hut is connected to Supreme Master Ching Hai but you can easily ignore this.  (Only be sure you sit with your back to the television).  As this place is so cheap and offers delicious vegan food, I can really recommend this place.

(It seems there is also a Loving Hut in Paris.  Although it’s more pricier, you can go their too for some vegan groceries like ‘cheeses’ and the egg-free Plamil mayonaise.)



  1. The Thai buffet at Camden Town is awesome! Could go there everyday if I lived in London 😛 Other great place around is the inSpiral (250 Camden High Street), they have awesome vegan “cheese” cakes!

  2. Aah, I love London, especially its food. Everything looks excellent… and thank you for mentioning my blog! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your meal at the veggie bar.
    I wish I could’ve gone to the Loving Hut, too – the buffet looks great, as do the cakes. Wasn’t that the place where customers get to choose how much they pay for the food?

    • @Bonnie: It looks they changed the formula, and know you can eat as much as you want from their buffet for £ 5.50. Or you can choose something from their menu (with prices on it) but that’s mostly burgers, nuggets, …
      @Glauce: We went to Spiral two years ago. Really liked it, but I wanted to try out new places. There are so many vegan possibilities in London and I’m always so curious about them 🙂

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