Vegan London calling, 1

On monday morning, 2nd august, we arrived in London and our first goal was the Vivienne Westwood store.

Teenage girl (who from now on will be named Y. as she turned 16 some weeks ago) had her eyes on the Melissa shoes for some very, very  long time and even been saving money for them.  As you can’t find them in Belgium she defintely wanted to look for and ev. buy  them in London.  As you maybe already know these shoes are vegan as they are made from plastic.  Unfortunately the ones she really liked weren’t available anymore, but she was still very happy with these ones (the black ones, rat not included).  And she even found some more vegan shoes in Urban Outfitters:

That day we did some more shopping.  I found myself an organic fair trade dress and a new vegan cookbook The conscious cook.

For diner we went to Mildred’s.  Two years ago we had diner overthere too and Y. claims that they serve the best ever veganaise.  So she definetely wanted to go for some more.  It looks like they changed it because it’s now flavored with basil.  Still, it’s stays one of the best veganaise:

I took the pie:

mixed mushroom, porcini and ale pie served with fries and mushy peas

So good!

I can still recommend this place but be aware that’s the place is always overcrowded and it can take some time before they can give you a free table. (We were lucky this time, but that’s only because we went very early.) As a drink I can totally recommend the Freedom beer even when it’s for us Belgian very expensive.
Y. had the cola in this nice looking bottle.



  1. Hi dear!

    I’m a vegan, from Brazil and i sell Melissa on Ebay.

    For now, i have only 2 model listings, but, if you want to order any especial model, i can send for anywhere.

    If you wish, i can give a especial discount to readers from tofuparty, make some kind of partneship… =)

    Thank you…

    • @Isabela, thank you for your offer. At this moment Y. is still very happy with her new pair of Melissa’s. So for this moment she’s satisfied. As your other offer: I’m not so much interested in getting involved in some kind of enterprise. So, I’m nog going to put something on my blog, but as you can see I let your comment through.

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