Cauliflower risotto cakes

A risotto with cauliflower may seems a bit bland in taste, but is actually not so bad. Especially afterwards  when  you  make with the leftovers some delicious risotto-cakes:

The recipe for the ‘cauliflower risotto’ is from  “The Best of Cooking Vegan.

On top you’ll see a tomato from our own ‘backyard’ (we are so proud).

The next day I made this risotto cakes with the leftovers:

I mixed chickpeaflour,  soymilk, soy sauce, nutritional yeast flakes and pepper.

Stir this dough through the risotto. Then on a baking sheet form with a spoonful dough some roundshaped cakes.

Ev. sprinkle with panko crumbs.

Baking in the oven at 180 °C  (350 °F), 25 min.

Served with ‘Baked Eggplant Parmesan’ from 500 vegan recipes.

I used from this recipe the panko mix to sprinkle the risotto cakes.




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